To all our dear friends and family,

Thank you so much for attending Andy's memorial service either in person or in spirit on December 26, in Da Zhi, Taipei at Da Zhi Quaker Church. As we all know, Andy was a computer engineer and technology enthusiast, so the kids did their best to digitally personalize his memorial service by creating him a logo, branded-slideshow and program, and a website to build an online memorial. They put everything together in 2 days and are finally proud to announce that is ready for viewing, though it is still undergoing some improvements.

Per Andy's request, his final resting place will be in the US. For those who were unable to attend in Taiwan, we plan on holding a small memorial service in our Moorpark home. Details will be disclosed at a later time.

The Lean Family has felt your support and heard your prayers and we are all truly grateful to have such wonderful loved ones to console us through this difficult time.

Our warmest regards,

The Lean Family