Born on June 12, 1952 in Tainan, Taiwan to Liu Jin Yin and Lin Zhen Yiang, Andy Geng-chyun Lean was the youngest of nine children. He is also referred to as “jiu-duan” for wearing his kimono outfits and “xiao nan hai” for his short stature during his early years. From the stories heard from family and friends, Andy was a wily and mischievous child. He invented special board games to undermine his nieces and nephews, recreated a battlefield with makeshift grenades to play war with his friends, and spent rainy days stealing his sisters’ paper dolls only to cut the dolls’ heads off. When Andy chose to be obedient, he was the number one student for twelve semesters in a row in elementary school, despite the fact he rarely studied. He continued to excel academically as he often earned awards for painting and Chinese calligraphy during his junior high and high school years.

During Andy’s college days, he spent his time being involved in a variety of activities. He was President of the Astronomy club where he honed his skills in reading the starry skies. As part of his undergraduate degree in marine engineering, Andy took an internship aboard a navy ship and was able to travel en route from Japan, around South Africa to West Africa. Furthermore, he was the first author in Taiwan to ever publish a book about babylonian astrology in Chinese, which helped fund his way through college. On the side, he even hosted grand parties and acted as DJ where he mixed tapes that entertained everyone to dance the night away. It was at one of these parties where Andy danced with a mysterious girl who coyly referred to herself as “Big Rose”. “Big Rose,” who was in fact, Ruth Wei Lan Chen, shared Andy’s passion for music and he would have never imagined that their common thread would unfurl into a friendship that would evolve into a thirty-five year long marriage filled with companionship, joy, and laughter.

In 1980, Andy and Ruth bravely decided to leave all familiarity in Taiwan for a new life in the United States. Andy finished his Masters degree in Computer Science at Polytechnic University in New York and then followed suit to work at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center for nearly eighteen years where he was the lead inventor for over a handful of patents. Through the years he continued to challenge his breadth of knowledge and always had his nose in a book or a magazine to learn something new. His wisdom was further recognized when Polytechnic University returned to invite Andy to teach as a visiting professor to enlighten students with his extensive understanding of the computer science industry. Andy continuously built upon his repertoire and eventually branched out on his own in writing business plans to lead new startups and ventures.

Despite working tiring hours sandwiched by long commutes, Andy still managed to find the energy on the weekends to treat his kids out for ice cream, play ball in the backyard, and go on bike rides around the neighborhood. He also took them out on outings to amusement parks, car shows, mini golf courses and did a rather good job training the kids to appreciate shopping. He also enjoyed playing frisbee with the family labrador, Albert, and persistently tried to convince all of his children’s high school friends that Bridge was a fun and easy game. In other respects, Andy further supported his children by visiting their classrooms to teach the basic fundamentals of computers and acting as a dancing partner for his daughter’s cotillion classes.

When Andy isn’t acting as the aggressive entrepreneur or a busy parent, he is a man with a myriad of interests and hobbies. He attended monthly poker games with his colleagues and claim to have never lost money consistently over ten years. He loved to zip around in his Mazda Miata with the top down to the golf course and play until dark. He had an insatiable appetite for gadgets, particularly for cameras and sound systems. Andy had such a colossal collection of stereo equipment, he would boast that if he had turned them all on at once at full volume, the house would explode. There was rarely an event that wasn’t recorded by Andy via camcorder or camera. The children may have scowled then for what they thought was excessive behavior, but as the kids grow older and more patient, they are more than grateful to have volumes of photos and boxes of videotapes to cherish such precious memories.

As it is widely understood that Andy has many technical capabilities, he had a creative side as well. Although he worked as a technical architect in computer engineering, it was always a dream of his to be a building architect. He was able to temporarily live his dream by renovating his New York home inside and out and designing his own landscaping at his more recent home in California. He further showed his creativity by singing karaoke into the wee hours of the night on Saturday only to wake up bright and early Sunday morning to belt out his tenor voice yet again in the church choir.

Although sixty years of age is still relatively young, Andy didn’t waste a single minute during his time on earth. People found themselves drawn by his charisma which led into engaging and intriguing conversations. His intellect exceeded most where he could quickly grasp concepts and effortlessly execute them into reality. All in all, Andy was as an inspiring mentor and professor, motivated inventor and entrepreneur, and most importantly, a steadfast and loving brother, father, and husband. His many accomplishments offered him a fulfilling life and even though it is so unfortunate to see him leave, we can only expect him to welcome us into an intellectually stimulating, yet fun and entertaining atmosphere when we find our way to reunite with Andy.

給我們的父親 (子恆 , 子馨, 子佑)

自從我們還是個孩子,總認為我們的爸爸沒有任何事能難倒他,是世界上最聰明的人之一。 多年來,看到他,靈巧地修好了自己的車,機伶地出版自己的書,熱情地創作他的風景水彩畫,設計並全面翻修了我們在紐約的家,在卡拉OK及合唱團那些動人心弦的歌聲,如聰明的天文學家般地幾乎能說出天空中任何恆星或星座。他也盡力地教導我們,如何用電腦工作,如何玩台球和撲克,就像一個大男孩般地和我們一起打球。我們敬愛欽佩他,並希望我們能像他一樣的多才多藝。

雖然我們都喜歡冰淇淋,但我們遠不及他熱愛它的程度。我記得我們帶他到在奧克蘭的芬頓冰淇淋店並幫他報名參加吃冰淇淋比賽。 在比賽中必需在15分鐘內吃完一大個”香蕉船” , 上有三個如壘球般大的冰淇淋球,上面蓋了鳳梨末,淋上巧克力,草莓漿,奶油,加上他另家的堅果末,並放上一個櫻桃。 結果他只花了七分鐘就把那聖代吃完了!輕鬆地免費吃了他最愛的冰淇淋,並贏得一件免費的T卹。 他雀躍地拿著T卹,就像是他所能贏得的最好的獎杯。他對冰淇淋的愛,終其一生不變。 在12月22日,吃完他的哈根達斯漿果冰淇淋的最後一餐後,於23日去世。


但是,現在我們不能再想如果你還在會如何 - 我們寧願回味那些永藏我們心中的美好回憶,並向您表達無限的感謝。爸爸:謝謝你。感謝您多年的教導,使我們成為堅強和獨立的人。我們希望能讓您感到驕傲。我們要您知道,您的勇氣,樂天與韌性將永遠啟發我們。你對生命和上帝的信心從未動搖。爸爸:我們愛你。我們也想念你。您的離去是超現實的,但我們知道,你是在天父的手中。正如我們和您臨終時所說的:“我們將在天國相聚。”

Andy's letter to Ruth

A personal message from Ruth to Andy: "I do not want to say goodbye, but rather goodnight because when you wake up, God will say good morning to you."